iLanding: Create your beautiful landing page quickly

The product that I am building now is iLanding. It is an online software that lets you build a landing page quickly. The landing page that you end up with is very beautiful as if it was built by a graphic designer. But, how the idea of iLanding came about.

First, I had this problem myself. Whenever I created a product and I wanted to showcase it, I needed a landing page for it. Sometimes I would code it myself, using a template available online. But it was a very time-consuming process. Taking care of the little nuances of graphic design and making the different pieces look good took a lot of manual effort. The process was not scalable if I wanted to create many landing pages. I was not willing to spend whole days only trying to building landing pages. So, I needed a tool that would create a landing page for me.

My first intuition was to use an existing tool to create my landing page. There are many out there that let you create your landing page. But none of them were satisfying my needs. The tools I used either give templates on which you can build your page, which means that they are less customizable. Or they have all the customizability, but in this case you need some graphic design knowledge, otherwise, your page ends up being not so beautiful. Graphic design is the whole subject in itself with its little details that help you create a very good looking page. You can always tell whether a page is created by a graphic designer.

So, I was looking for a tool that would reduce this gap. It would let me have all the design best practices without having knowledge about them and at the same time give me the customization to create a landing page based on my needs.

The idea for iLanding also came from looking for various jobs being posted on Fiverr. I was looking for creating my next product and needed an idea that would be useful. I went to Fiverr and did some research on various jobs being posted. I was looking for the ones that were repetitive and that could be solved by a software solution. So, I came up with a list of ten or so ideas, landing pages was one of them. Other ideas were either too complex to solve or were not that painful problems. I was looking for something simple that would also solve a painful problem. So, creating a tool for landing pages came up. I knew there are other tools for this, but they all required either developer intervention to create a beautiful page or would not be as customizable.

So, I decided to build iLanding, which would be a unique tool to create landing pages quickly. The problem it solves is that it lets you create a very beautiful page without having to know nuances of design. You would create a page just like a designer does, put pieces together and changing them by properties. But these properties are simple properties that are human readable to let you customize the page as per your needs. The pieces would already have best practices built in and would provide an elegant user interface out-of-box.

So, the next step was what technology to use to create this tool. The natural answer for me as React, as this software would need a lot of DOM manipulation. I would need to add, edit and change my page as I build my page with this tool. As React is awesome at building fast UI, I opted for it. On the server side, I would be using Express and Mongo to saving and fetching my landing pages.

So, I started building iLanding. In the next post, I will write about my first steps to building iLanding.